Summer Reading Promotions



  • Open to Georgia students in grades K-12
  • Register for the program and complete a grade appropriate online activity
  • Read one (1) book on sports or sportsmanship.
  • Print your “Home Run Readers” Certificate and take it to your local library to receive a code to redeem a free Braves ticket.
  • One (1) Braves game ticket per student. Tickets can be printed or mailed.
  • Register at Braves Website



Sign up at Hawks Website

What do I receive for signing up for the Check It Out Reading Challenge?
Each participant will receive a bookmark (based on availability) and 1 FREE youth ticket to a 2017-18 Atlanta Hawks game.

How many times can I sign up for the Check It Out Reading Challenge?
You may only register one time for the program. If you are signed up more than once, you will only receive one set of rewards.

How long do I have to register?
The program runs from May 14, 2017 – August 26, 2017. All registration forms MUST be submitted by August 26, 2017.

How do I know the Hawks received my registration form?
When a form is successfully submitted, a window will appear on your computer letting you know the Hawks received your registration. If you do NOT receive this message, please resubmit your form.

Why does my parent/guardian have to submit their personal information?
If there are any questions about your registration form, the Hawks must have a way to contact you.

How do I receive my rewards?
You should have received your bookmark from the librarian when you inquired about the program. Ticketing information will be sent out via email after October 5, 2017.

Why can’t I get my rewards sooner?
The NBA releases their schedules until August. The Hawks begin their season in late October/November.

After I register, will I hear anything from the Hawks before October 5, 2017?
Once you are successfully registered for the Check It Out Reading Challenge, you will receive a confirmation message letting you know that we received your registration. In
October, you will receive an email that will include the information about how to redeem your tickets.