Yumion Writing Contest 2018

The Ohoopee Regional Library System is again sponsoring the “Yumion” Writing Contest for grades K-8 in conjunction with the 2018 Vidalia Onion Festival. The purpose of the contest is to bring children and books together.  We hope that the enjoyment and recognition they receive from participating in this writing project will further encourage them to read and write.


Last year we received hundreds of entries, largely due to the efforts of area schools. We would like to thank you for your support and ask you to please encourage your students to prepare and submit an entry this year.


The details of the contest are as follows:Vidalia_Yumonion-16

–    Entries are divided into 3 categories

Grades K-2 (suggested length of entry, 50-150 words)

Grades 3-5 (150-300 words)

Grades 6-8 (300-500 words)

–          Each entry must feature Vidalia, “Yumion”, and/or the Sweet Onion. Entries can include poems as well as stories.

–          Each entry must be accompanied by a separate sheet of paper stating the author’s name, address, age, grade, school, and telephone number. No name should appear on the entry itself and the entries should not be placed in binders or folders.

–          Entries do not need to be typed, but must be clearly legible and written in black or blue ink. They must be received at the Vidalia-Toombs County Library by 3:00 PM on Friday April 6, 2018 or at any of the Ohoopee Regional Library System branches by closing time that day.

–          Each category will be awarded a first, second, and third place prize as well as an honorable mention (Sixteen prizes total).  The first place prize in each category is $25, second is $20, third is $15, and honorable mention is $10.


Winners will be announced at the Vidalia Onion Festival. If you or your students have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (912) 537-9283